• Stable Docker image to run JIRA

    JIRA is one of the best Agile issue tracking tools out there, but choosing the right Docker image to run it is tricky.

  • Keep your $29 BrowserStack Live subscription

    If the credit card used to subscribe to BrowserStack’s Live plan expired, the chances are you’d face $99 monthly to prolong. There are 4 simple steps to get back on the $29 plan.

  • Facebook detox experiment

    Facebook is toxic. It farms people for data and feeds off reactionary content igniting polarised discussions. It delivers very little value for the time spent.

  • How to run AngularJS end-to-end tests on GitLab CI

    AngularJS-based applications are meant to be developed in test-driven manner, but how to run e2e tests in browser on GitLab CI?

  • Open Source should encourage contributors

    As a maintainer, you can not afford to lose contributors, esp. if your day job is not FOSS and you’re not Linus Torvalds.

  • Prevent large Time Machine backups by Docker

    If Time Machine regularly does its automated backups, transferring 10+ GB of hidden Docker data over WiFi each time, it will hurt productivity.

  • MacBook is dropping developers

    It’s no news pro developers use MacBooks for years now, but the way Apple is approaching innovation may bring a change.

  • Docker performance on Mac

    Docker performance on Mac is infamous esp. on larger applications. But what about different hypervisors?

  • FDT celebrates its 10th birthday

    FDT, the Flexible Development Toolkit for cross-device developers, is celebrating its 10th birthday.

  • macOS pasteboard fix for Vim on tmux

    tmux and Vim make a great development platform with a little help and fine-tuning, e.g. for copying out of Vim.

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