• EstWin next generation wide-band project signed

    On Friday Estonian minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) signed EstWin, a development project that makes 100 Mbps wide-band internet accessible to every citizen of the country by 2015.

  • EC antitrust case on the way for European iPhone operators?

    Shortly after Skype's iPhone App launch, which allows people to make P2P free calls to their contacts on Skype, Deutsche Telecom AG announced they will prevent its customers from using Skype on Apple Inc.'s iPhone as in violation to iPhone subscription contracts.
  • Microsoft to push IE8 into Automatic Update

    On April 10th Microsoft Program Management announced Internet Explorer 8 distribution in Automatic Update of Windows.
  • How to set up Skype Voicemail on iPhone

    Despite the fact that iPhone + Skype make a working platform for many smart people from various industries, official Skype app for iPhone is still not there. The following How-to is to bring Skype Voicemail to iPhone.
  • Gmail isn't there for business users, yet

    Gmail, world's leading free webmail by Google is the best product of the kind on the market today, but when it comes to corporate requirements, it fails in some aspects.
  • Using Web Inspector developer tool with Safari

    Even though Safari makes a perfect platform for web development due to the strict standard policies practiced by WebKit core developers, you still can't do without developer tools on it. While Mozilla Firefox has a superb Firebug extension, WebKit has Web Inspector.

  • How to make components in Flash CS4 appear again

    If you run English Flash CS4 on a non-English system you might have noticed that Flash components installed with Adobe Extension Manager don't turn up in Components panel anymore.
  • Research: most used term for casino funding

    During the development of any portal site one should consider basic wording in the critical parts of the hierarchy, e.g. the main branches of the site appearing in site paths. Since these matters can be most confusing at the times, Search Engine Optimisation techniques can come to rescue.

  • obfuscatr 1.2.0 released

    A new version of obfuscatr email obfuscation widget introduces support for + addresses (e.g. [email protected]). Somewhat a forced update by obfuscatr users, it is still a minor update and does not add much to the latest release of 1.1.0 introduced by Flashbit precisely a year ago.

  • How to password protect DMG disk image

    Sometimes you need to share sensitive data securely. One possibility would be to use password protected packing like ZIP or RAR. But that wouldn't be very maintenable, which is why macheads use DMG.

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