• Google My Location Beta for iPhone

    Google has launched iPhone Application, a bundle of services specifically designed for iPhone allowing its users to easily switch between Google's great products.

  • Flash Player goes HD

    HD quality web video and audio is now available with the latest Flash Player update.

  • 3G iPhone confirmed

    Apple iPhone will receive a speed upgrade in 2008.

  • Fortune's 25 most powerful people in business

    Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergei Brin and Bill Gates, to name a few, have now been lined up in Fortune Magazine's list of 25 most powerful people in business.

  • Facelifted Executive Transporter

    Executive Transporter's website has received a new XHTML 1.1 valid template and renewed booking interface.

  • String.replace() method for ActionScript2

    Another snippet for free — String.replace() prototype for Flash that can be used to replace a pattern in a String.

  • Leopard outsells Vista in Japan

    Somewhat unpredictable has happened in Japan – Apple's Mac OS X Leopard has been way more successful than Windows Vista.

  • $10M giveaway for gPhone developers

    All the speculations about gPhone should now be concluded. Google has thought bigger than just another iPhone.

  • Firefox 3 Beta 1

    1st beta of Firefox 3 for Mac is out. Compared to earlier releases it has improved a lot in terms of bug fixes, looks and speed.

  • First commercial UMTS900 network in the world

    Elisa, Finnish communications company, has debuted with the first commercial UMTS900 3G network.

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