• FDT celebrates its 10th birthday

    FDT, the Flexible Development Toolkit for cross-device developers, is celebrating its 10th birthday.

  • macOS pasteboard fix for Vim on tmux

    tmux and Vim make a great development platform with a little help and fine-tuning, e.g. for copying out of Vim.

  • Karabiner key mappings on macOS Sierra

    Apple’s macOS Sierra broke Karabiner key mappings for programmers. Here’s how to work around.

  • Add Bamboo build status badge to Github

    Finally there’s a Bamboo plugin that resolves one of the integration problems between Bamboo and Github.

  • You may not need Grunt

    Grunt is a JavaScript task runner and it’s great at what it does. Even so, depending on a project, you can also do without it.

  • free -m alternative for Mac OS X

    On Linux console it's easy to get free memory with free -m. On Mac the utility is not directly available. The alternative is to fetch it from vm_stat.

  • Switching from Aptana's Git implementation to eGit

    By default Aptana is configured to work with its own Git implementation meaning that whenever you add a Git repository and import it to the workspace, the default Aptana Git functionality is available in the project. The problem is, it doesn't always deliver, e.g. for GitHub, nor is it visually as complete and readable.
  • HTML5 fragmentation: WHATWG and W3C mishap

    The fragmentation of web technologies was mainly caused by the corporate interests and while it has gone nowhere, it has shown some considerable improvements over the past years. Nevertheless, today, two main open standards bodies involved in HTML5 development, WHATWG and W3C, are struggling to find the common ground.
  • phpMyAdmin configuration for Mac OS X bundled PHP and Apache

    If you're not into using XAMPP/MAMP for your local development sandbox and you'd like to go with the stack that comes preinstalled on a Mac, you could have trouble configuring phpMyAdmin.

  • Installing Drush on Mac OS X the developer way

    This is a quick walkthrough of how to somewhat painlessly install the Drupal Shell – Drush.

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