Typeroom icon Most web sites on the web are static. They have no CMS and their owners lack skills to do the editing properly. That's the niche for Typeroom.

The slogan says simple content management and does so quite rightly. You don't have to use a specific admin interface or anything like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. Typeroom displays it all as is and you can basically make changes right inside the page. It's web-based with no installation required and you don't need any programming or specific knowledge to use it. This is just like Microsoft Word or Pages.

Here's the workflow to get your static site updated:

  1. Enter your website address
  2. Click on the item you want to change
  3. Save the item
  4. Publish

Publishing means you have 3 options: Instant Publish (FTP), Email or Download. Instant Publish is the one requiring you to sign up. Having an account costs $12 monthly with the trial period of 30 days. As the application is in the status of Private Beta, all accounts are free.

Here's the screenshot of the site of obfuscatr in Typeroom Lite (Typeroom Professional with a number of additional features is in the development):

obfuscatr site in Typeroom

and the screencast:

Typeroom requires Firefox or Internet Explorer (6, 7). Other browsers are not supported.