Elisa has launched free M-internet campaign in Estonia according to which all M-internet packages are free until the 1st September. Given that the client does opt in to a free M-internet package of his/her choice, its pricing will apply after the campaign.

Originally, monthly M-internet fees vary, depending on the limitations and speed:

Package Price Connection
Max traffic Additional
Access to
Wifi areas
Day ticket (12h) 0.96€/12h Unlimited Unlimited 0.00 Regular fee
M-internet 39 2.49€/month Unlimited 5MB 0.32€ Regular fee
M-internet 79 5.04€/month Unlimited 30MB 0.32€ Free
M-internet 99 6.33€/month Up to 50 kb/s Unlimited* 0.00 Free
M-internet 179 11.44€/month Unlimited 500MB 0.32€ Free
M-internet 199 12.72€/month Up to 200 kb/s Unlimited* 0.00 Free
M-internet 349 22.30€/month Up to 2 Mb/s Unlimited* 0.00 Free

* unlimited in terms of reasonable use (up to 3 GB).

3,5G connection speed at 7.2 Mbps is available in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu for more than a half of Estonia's population.

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