FDTThe most recent Mac OS X update to version 10.6.3 may break your Eclipse Galileo installation and everything that's built upon it. It just fails to start and closes down right after it has reached the splash screen.

The problem relies in the corrupt font cache of Snow Leopard and the fix is rather trivial - font cache needs to be cleared using the font registration system utility on command line. Following steps will make it happen:

  1. Close all running applications
  2. Start Terminal from ApplicationsUtilities > Terminal
  3. Run sudo atsutil databases -remove and enter your admin password
  4. atsutil server -shutdown to shut down the font registration system
  5. atsutil server -ping to restart
  6. Log out and back in

FDT should now launch properly!

UPDATE 21.06.2010: Eclipse (3.5.2) is also broken on Mac OS X 10.6.4! The above fix works nicely there as well.

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