Safari 5 is a disappointment

Posted on 13th June 2010 in Apple, Browsers | 5 Comments »

SafariPretty much everyone who has ever used Safari well knows that this platform is the top dog when it comes to eating up memory. Say what you will, but it really must be the most leaking browser platform there is. In this regard Safari 5 is no different from Safari 4 and all the fancy features that were added don’t make up for the memory failures. Read the rest of this entry »

Enable Quick Look of ActionScript and Flex files on Snow Leopard

Posted on 4th February 2010 in ActionScript, Developer tools | 5 Comments »

Having Adobe CS4 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard both installed is very likely to mess up Quick Look of Flash ActionScript (.as) and Flex (.mxml) files. Most inconvenient for those used to browsing through the files and looking into them by just hitting the Space key. Read the rest of this entry »

Using Web Inspector developer tool with Safari

Posted on 5th February 2009 in Browsers, Developer tools | 3 Comments »

Even though Safari makes a perfect platform for web development due to the strict standard policies practiced by WebKit core developers, you still can’t do without developer tools on it. While Mozilla Firefox has a superb Firebug extension, WebKit has Web Inspector. Read the rest of this entry »

First browser to pass Acid3 web standards test

Posted on 29th September 2008 in Browsers | 5 Comments »

On Friday WebKit team announced their open source browser engine entirely passes Acid3 test by Web Standards Project.

Acid3 is a test page that checks how well a web browser follows certain web standards, especially relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript.
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iPhone ad banned over Flash and Java

Posted on 28th August 2008 in iPhone | 2 Comments »

Advertising Standards Authority of United Kingdom, the advertising watchdog for misleading consumers, has banned the recent TV ad for the new iPhone 3G. The internet capabilities of the smart phone are claimed to be over-hyped. Read the rest of this entry »

W3C Selectors API now in WebKit

Posted on 16th February 2008 in Browsers, CSS | No Comments »

WebKit has introduced another development towards greater support of W3C initiatives – Selectors API, currently in the status of Working Draft. Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Explorer 8 to pass Acid2

Posted on 23rd January 2008 in Browsers, Open Standards | No Comments »

Good news for the developers – IE8 will pass Acid2, a test case, written to help browser vendors ensure proper support for web standards.
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WebKit adds getElementsByClassName

Posted on 22nd December 2007 in Browsers, Open Source Software, Open Standards | 2 Comments »

WebKit now natively supports getElementsByClassName, one of the most requested functions by JavaScript programmers. Read the rest of this entry »

Google My Location Beta for iPhone

Posted on 5th December 2007 in Web 2.0 | 2 Comments »

Google has launched iPhone Application, a bundle of services specifically designed for iPhone allowing its users to easily switch between Google’s great products.
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$10M giveaway for gPhone developers

Posted on 13th November 2007 in Telecom | No Comments »

All the speculations about gPhone should now be concluded. Ironically Google has thought bigger than just another iPhone.
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