free -m alternative for Mac OS X

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On Linux console it’s easy to get free memory with free -m. On Mac the utility is not directly available. The alternative is to fetch it from vm_stat.

There’s a great small Ruby script to do the job and display free memory in a simplistic form with a command free in a following few steps:

  1. Download the free-memory.rb script (direct download link)
  2. Copy it to a folder on your Mac, e.g. to /Applications/Utilities
  3. Create an alias for a free command by editing the bash profile in Terminal:
    1. nano ~/.bash_login
    2. At the end of the file, add 
      alias free='ruby /Applications/Utilities/free-memory.rb'
    3. source ~/.bash_login

You’re done. Type free and you’ll see something like 3.98G of 8.19G free.

Enhance the ugly Eclipse icon on your Dock

Posted on 4th March 2010 in Developer tools, Eclipse, Mac OS | 3 Comments »

It’s pretty certain that an average Flash/RIA developer cares about how the dev tools look. If a piece of software looks ugly, it’s unlikely to be used.

Eclipse in that matter is one such tool. On Mac OS X its Dock icon looks ugly and the splash screen isn’t any better either. To improve this unbearable ugliness on the Dock, here’s a way to

swap this Eclipse original icon for this Eclipse cobranail icon
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obfuscatr 1.2.0 released

Posted on 25th January 2009 in Mac OS | 1 Comment »

A new version of obfuscatr email obfuscation widget introduces support for + addresses (e.g. Somewhat a forced update by obfuscatr users, it is still a minor update and does not add much to the latest release of 1.1.0 introduced by Flashbit precisely a year ago. Read the rest of this entry »

How to password protect DMG disk image

Posted on 12th January 2009 in Mac OS | 4 Comments »

Locked folder There are times you need to share some sensitive data with associates or mates that you don’t want to share to anyone else or leave any possibilities for others to open and read/copy. One possibility would be to use password protected packing like ZIP or RAR. But that wouldn’t be flexible in terms of further editing which is why macheads use DMG. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating a convenient DMG image for your pictures

Posted on 3rd December 2008 in Mac OS | 3 Comments »

In recent years many of us have converted to Macs and still doesn’t know how to use some of the gems of the platform. Creating disk images for sharing your stuff with people on the same platform is just one of them.
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obfuscatr featured in Macworld

Posted on 29th February 2008 in Mac OS | No Comments »

obfuscatr icon Readers of Macworld Italy have the latest release of obfuscatr on the bonus CD bundled with the March issue.

obfuscatr is the email obfuscation widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.

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obfuscatr 1.1.0 released

Posted on 25th January 2008 in Mac OS | No Comments »

New version of obfuscatr introduces support for Mac OS X Leopard. Read the rest of this entry »

Leopard outsells Vista in Japan

Posted on 14th November 2007 in Mac OS | 4 Comments »

Somewhat unpredictable has happened in Japan – Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard has been way more successful than Windows Vista. Read the rest of this entry »

100% CLEAN award for obfuscatr 1

Posted on 21st October 2007 in Mac OS, Web 2.0 | 1 Comment »

obfuscatr 1, the obfuscation tool introduced few days ago, has been awarded by Softpedia.
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Firefox 3 going Macish

Posted on 19th October 2007 in Browsers, Mac OS | 1 Comment »

As Mac OS X Leopard arrives in 7 days time on 26th, Mozilla developers are not staying behind. New Firefox theme for Mac OS X is a work in progress.
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