Fixing the security sandbox issue in FDT 4 Milestone 2

Posted on 26th May 2010 in ActionScript, Developer tools | 4 Comments »

FDT pure coding comfortDespite the fact that M2 isn’t the final release of FDT 4 and even the feature sets of Pure, Pro and Enterprise versions are yet to be determined, it’s a solid Flash development tool already.

Even so one of the first issues to tackle with on a Mac is the FDT 4 Debugger throwing back Flash sandbox violation. Read the rest of this entry »

ActionScript 3 lacks functionality for visible bounds of DisplayObject

Posted on 3rd May 2010 in ActionScript | No Comments »

The following has already been listed as a feature request at Adobe Bug System and is only to illustrate the situation which is basically the lack of badly needed functionality in ActionScript 3.

The problem relates to flash.geom.PerspectiveProjection introduced with the load of native 3D in Flash 10. Read the rest of this entry »